Boston Terrier Training

Is it time to start training your Boston Terrier?  Well then you may find the following Boston Terrier training tips quite useful!Boston Terrier Training

  • It Takes Two: Before you begin Boston Terrier training, you firstly need to realize that not all the work needs to come from your Boston Terrier.  You, as their owner, also have to put in an equal amount of work.  By doing this you will both get the best out of training.
  • Be Patient: The second thing to remember is to remain patient.  Your Boston Terrier will not pick up everything straight away but overtime they will.  So try and to remain patient throughout the entire Boston Terrier training process and think of the end results to keep you motivated.
  • Become the Alpha Leader: It’s important to establish your role as the alpha leader early on.  This means showing your Boston Terrier that you are in charge of your family (or pack in dog terms).  If you do this then your Boston Terrier will be more likely to listen and respect you throughout the training process.  The best way to become this alpha leader is by making sure you and your family always do things before your Boston Terrier.  For example make sure you and your family eat before your Boston Terrier and secondly make sure your Boston Terrier is always the last to go through a doorway.
  • Remove Distractions: It’s important to remove any distractions before beginning a Boston Terrier training session.  For example remove any tempting toys or put other animals out of site.  By doing this your Boston Terrier will be more likely to concentrate throughout the training session.
  • Start Simply: When Boston Terrier training it’s best to start with the basics first.  Ideally, this should really be the basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘down’.  Remember, you will need to repeat these command over and over again before your Boston Terrier will fully understand what they are meant to do.  Once your Boston Terrier has mastered these basic commands, then you can move onto more complicated training.
  • Rewards: A great way to encourage your Boston Terrier for doing something correctly is by giving them a reward.  Rewards could be a little cuddle, praise or a food treat.
  • Punishment: When training your Boston Terrier you might find that they may act a little naughty now and then.  If you do need to tell your Boston Terrier off then do so by saying “no” in a firm yet calm voice.  But whatever you do, do not use physical punishment as a means to tell your Boston Terrier off.  It’s also a good idea to never yell at your Boston Terrier.  If you do either of these things then it may scare your Boston Terrier which in turn may make them anxious.  And when this happens, it will only prolong your Boston Terrier training process.
  • Session Times: It’s important to note that your Boston Terrier will probably not be able to concentrate for very long periods of time.  Therefore don’t make your training sessions too long.  An ideal length of time would be five to ten minutes.  However, the great thing is you can have a couple of these shorter training sessions spread throughout the day.

Remember Boston Terrier training should not be seen as a chore but as a fun way for you to bond with your new pet.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the above tips on Boston Terrier training and start today!  The end results will be worth your time and patience!