Boston Terrier Crate Training

Are you thinking about crate training your Boston Terrier?  Well then you may find the following tips and advice on Boston Terrier crate training rather useful!

Boston Terrier Crate TrainingIsn’t Boston Terrier crate training cruel?

A lot of people think that Boston Terrier crate training is cruel.  In fact, this is not the truth at all!  This is due to the fact that in the wild, dogs look for a safe, small haven or burrow that they can call their own.  A crate can provide this same sort of environment for your Boston Terrier.  So in fact, crate training is not cruel and you will find that your Boston Terrier will most likely end up loving their crate.

Boston Terrier Crate Training Tips

The following are some great tips you can use when Boston Terrier crate training:

  • It’s important to start crate training your Boston Terrier right from the puppy stage.  As the sooner you start, the sooner your Boston Terrier will get used to their crate.
  • Make sure you place the crate in a spot that has lots of foot traffic.  An ideal spot would be your living room or kitchen.  By doing this your Boston Terrier will feel safe in their crate and they’ll also feel like they’re still included in the family.
  • When you first start crate training, it’s a good idea to move the crate into your bedroom overnight.  This will help in making your Boston Terrier feel safe at night-time.  Once your Boston Terrier gets used to their crate, you won’t need to move it into your bedroom at night.
  • You need to make the inside of your Boston Terriers crate as enticing as possible.  Therefore make sure you include a comfy mattress, nice blankets and some toys inside the crate.
  • It’s important that you buy the right sized crate for your Boston Terrier.  If it is too large then your Boston Terrier may go to the toilet inside.  The ideal size would be so your Boston Terrier can turn around comfortably inside but without being able to wander far.
  • When you first start Boston Terrier crate training, you will probably have to deal with some whining from your pet.  The important thing is to not let them out of the crate if they do start to whine.  You should instead wait until they’ve stopped wining for at least a couple of minutes.  Once this time is up you can remove your Boston Terrier from the crate.  Give them lots of cuddles or a little doggy food treat to reward them for being quite.  You may need to repeat this numerous times before your Boston Terrier no longer whines inside the crate.
  • When first beginning Boston Terrier crate training, you should not leave them in the crate longer than a couple of hours at a time.  As your Boston Terrier gets used to the crate you can then leave them in for longer or even a full night.

As you can see from the above, Boston Terrier crate training is not too difficult – it will just take time and patience on your part.  So what are you waiting for – start Boston Terrier crate training today.

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