Boston Terrier Potty Training

Are you looking for some tips on Boston Terrier potty training?  Well lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place!  So keep reading for some fantastic information on this topic.

Boston Terrier Potty TrainingBoston Terrier Potty Training Rules

The following are some rules you should stick to when Boston Terrier potty training:

  • Patience: The first rule to note is that you need to remain patient and not get frustrated when Boston Terrier potty training.  You need to realize that your Boston Terrier will not pick it up straight away but overtime they will.  So try to be as patient and as tolerant as possible.
  • Be Consistent: As with all types of training, you need to be consistent.  If you start as you mean to go on then it will make the Boston Terrier potty training process a lot easier.
  • Repetition: You will need to repeat the same thing numerous times before your Boston Terrier will fully understands what they need to do.
  • Rewards: Rewards are a great tool to use when Boston Terrier potty training.  You can use praise as a reward or even a little treat.  By doing this your Boston Terrier will be keen to please you.  However, whatever you do, never use physical punishment if they do something wrong as this will only scare your Boston Terrier.


Your Boston Terrier will probably have to go to the toilet at least every two hours.  Therefore, to avoid accidents on your floors, it’s a good idea to set up a schedule for when you take your Boston Terrier to go potty.  For example you could take your Boston Terrier to potty at the following times:

  • When they first get up in the morning
  • Before they go to sleep at night time
  • After any naps
  • Once they have finished eating their meals
  • Once they’ve finished playing

As your Boston Terrier gets used to going to potty, you can reduce the amount of times you take them out.

The Procedure

Until your Boston Terrier is fully potty trained, you should follow the below procedure each time you take your Boston Terrier out to potty.

  • Lead: Firstly, put a lead on your Boston Terrier.  This will allow you to keep control of your Boston Terrier while they potty.
  • No Games: It’s important that both you and your Boston Terrier fully focus on the task at hand.  This means no distracting your Boston Terrier with games when they are meant to be going potty.
  • Choose a Potty Spot: Choose an area of your yard where your Boston Terrier is to go potty.  Take them back to this spot every time they go potty so they learn what this area is for.
  • Command: Choose a command such as “toilet”.  Repeat this command before and after your Boston Terrier goes potty so they fully understand what it implies.
  • Rewards: When your Boston Terrier goes potty correctly, reward them with lots of praise and affection or a little treat.  This will encourage your Boston Terrier to repeat their good potty behavior in the future.

Remember, Boston Terrier potty training will take patience from your part.  But just think of the end results – a well Boston Terrier who is an expert at going to the toilet correctly.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the above tips on Boston Terrier potty training and begin the process today!

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