Boston Terrier Puppy Training

Have you adopted a new Boston Terrier puppy?  Are you now looking for tips on how to train your new pet?  Well, keep on reading as the following information on Boston Terrier puppy training may help you get started.Boston Terrier Puppy Training

  • Patience is vital

    It’s important that you stay patient throughout the entire Boston Terrier puppy training process.  Yes, you may get frustrated at times.  However, try to look past this and think of what you’re working towards to get you through those trying moments – which is having an obedient and well-trained Boston Terrier as your beloved companion.

  • Prove your leadership

    Your Boston Terrier puppy will view you and your family as their new ‘pack’.  Within this pack they will look for an alpha leader.  If there is no clear alpha leader, then your Boston Terrier puppy may try to fulfill this role themselves.  If this occurs then your puppy may start acting out and they may even become difficult to train.  The best way to prevent this from occurring is by become the alpha leader instead.  One of the easiest ways to become this alpha leader is by doing everything before your Boston Terrier puppy.  For instance, you should not feed your Boston Terrier puppy until you have firstly eaten.  Secondly, make sure your Boston Terrier puppy is the last to walk through a doorway.  Once you’ve established yourself as the alpha leader then your Boston Terrier puppy will be more likely to listen to you and respect you throughout the training process.

  • Start with the basics

    Remember, your puppy is only little and therefore it’s best to start with the basics when Boston Terrier puppy training.  For instance, you should firstly teach your Boston Terrier the basic commands “sit”, “down” and “stay”.  Once your Boston Terrier has mastered these, then you can move onto something a little harder.

  • Use rewards

    It’s a good idea to reward your Boston Terrier puppy when they complete a training task completely.  For example, you could reward your Boston Terrier puppy when they complete, the “sit” command correctly.  There are a number of different things you can use as rewards including treats, cuddles or praise.

  • Naughty behavior

    At times your Boston Terrier puppy may misbehave during training.  If this happens, it is vital that you don’t yell at them or hit them.  Acting out like this will only scare your Boston Terrier puppy and it may even jeopardize all your training.  If you do need to tell your Boston Terrier puppy off then do so in a composed manner by saying “no” in a firm yet calm voice.

  • Keep training sessions short

    Due to your Boston Terrier puppy’s young age, they will not be able to concentrate for prolonged periods of time.  Therefore, it’s best to keep training sessions with your Boston Terrier puppy short.  Ideally, they should go for no longer than ten minutes.  However, you can have a few of these shorter sessions with your Boston Terrier puppy throughout a day.

  • Repeat everything

    You will need to repeat everything numerous times during Boston Terrier puppy training.  For instance you will need to repeat the basic commands over and over again to your Boston Terrier puppy before they will fully understand what they need to do.

There you have it, some great tips on Boston Terrier puppy training.  So what are you waiting for, take this information and start training your Boston Terrier puppy today!

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