Facts about Boston Terriers

Are you considering adopting a Boston Terrier?  Do you wish to learn more about the breed first?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  So keep reading to learn some awesome facts about Boston Terriers.

Check out these great facts about Boston Terriers!Facts about Boston Terriers

  • Size
    The Boston Terrier is a smaller, muscular dog.  In fact, the Boston Terrier will weigh approximately fifteen to twenty five pounds (seven to eleven kilograms).  They will also reach a height of approximately eleven to fifteen inches (twenty eight to thirty eight centimeters).
  • Lifespan
    One of the facts about Boston Terriers that you may be interested to learn is that they usually have a lifespan of around twelve to thirteen years.  Therefore, before you adopt a Boston Terrier you firstly need to make sure you will be able to commit to looking after them for this long period of time.
  • Personality
    Boston Terriers are quite affectionate and gentle dogs who like to spend time with their owners.  They are also quite buoyant which makes them fun to play with.   Along with this, the Boston Terrier is quite a protective dog.
  • Exercise
    The Boston Terrier is happy enough to relax inside with their owners.  However, they still need regular exercise or you run the risk of them becoming obese, which in turn could lead to more complicated health issues.  To prevent this, a daily walk with your Boston Terrier would suffice.
  • Grooming
    Another one of the great facts about Boston Terriers is that this breed does not require a lot of grooming.  In fact, all you really need to do is brush their coat on a weekly basis and bath them when necessary.  Along with this, you will need to trim your Boston Terrier’s nails on a regular basis.
  • Health Problems
    Like all dogs out there, the Boston Terrier is prone to certain health problems.  Some of these health problems include eye issues, tumors and breathing problems.  If you feel your Boston Terrier does have any sort of health issue then it’s vital you make an appointment at your local vets.  Your vet will be able to give your Boston Terrier a full check-up and treatment plan for anything that may be amiss.
  • Living Conditions
    The Boston Terrier can live in an apartment.  However, if this is the case then it is vital you take your Boston Terrier outside daily for some fresh air and exercise.
  • Breeding Boston Terriers
    If you allow your Boston Terrier to breed, then they will usually have around three to four puppy’s.  It’s also normal for Boston Terriers to give birth via caesareans, due to the puppy’s having large heads.

There you have it – some great information on this amazing breed of dog.  And, as you can see from the above facts about Boston Terriers, they make excellent and loyal companions.  So if you are considering about adding a Boston Terrier to your family, then you’re on the right track to making an excellent decision!

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