How to Train a Boston Terrier Puppy

Have you just adopted a new Boston Terrier puppy?  Is it now time to start training your new bundle of joy?  Well then keep on reading for some fantastic tips all about how to train a Boston Terrier puppy!

Boston Terrier Puppy  Training AdviceAlpha Leadership

Your new Boston Terrier puppy will see your family at a pack.  Within this pack there needs to be a clear alpha leader and this leader should be you – their owner.  And ideally, your Boston Terrier puppy should be at the bottom of this pack.  If you do not have a clear alpha leader then your Boston Terrier may become rather hard to manage and train.  There are a number of different ways you can show your Boston Terrier puppy that you are the alpha leader including:

  • Only feeding your Boston Terrier puppy once you and your family have eaten.
  • By making sure your Boston Terrier is the last to go through a doorway.

So remember – try to establish your pack hierarchy the moment your new Boston Terrier puppy enters you home as it will make the puppy training process a lot easier. 


Patience is key when learning how to train a Boston Terrier puppy.  This is because your Boston Terrier puppy is only young and therefore they will not pick up everything straight away. If you do stay patient and put in the time, then you should end up with a well-trained and obedient Boston Terrier.

Reward your Boston Terrier

When learning how to train a Boston Terrier puppy you cannot forget about rewards!  Rewards are a vital tool to use as they will help encourage your Boston Terrier puppy throughout the training process.  Rewards can be something as simple as praise and a little cuddle or even a yum dog treat.

No Physical Punishment

You may find that training your Boston Terrier puppy can get a little frustrating.  But no matter how frustrated you may get, it’s vital that you do not use physical punishment towards your Boston Terrier puppy.  This means never hitting your Boston Terrier and never yelling at them.  If you do this then it will actually make your Boston Terrier puppy anxious and in turn will prolong the training.

Limit Distractions

Due to their young age, your Boston Terrier puppy is likely to get easily distracted.  Therefore, before beginning training, remove any tempting distractions such as toys or other animals.  This will allow your Boston Terrier to completely focus on the task at hand.

Keep Training Sessions Short

Try to keep training sessions to a maximum of five to ten minutes in length to begin with.  This is due to the fact that your Boston Terrier puppy is only little and therefore will not be able to concentrate for prolonged periods of time.  But you can have a few of these shorter training sessions spread throughout the day.

Training your Boston Terrier can be a great bonding experience for you and your dog.  So take the time and the above tips on how to train a Boston Terrier puppy and begin today!

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