Stop Boston Terrier Biting

Does your Boston Terrier have a habit of biting?  If you answered “yes” then it’s important to stop this biting behavior as soon as possible.  So keep reading as the following tips and advice will you achieve just that!

Stop Boston Terrier BitingStopping Boston Terrier Biting at the Puppy Stage

You may think your Boston Terrier biting at the puppy stage is just a little bit playful fun.  However if you allow this behavior now, just think what the biting will be like as they get older.  Therefore the best time to stop your Boston Terrier biting is right from the puppy stage.  The following tips will help you achieve this:

  • Be the Boss: It’s important to show your Boston Terrier puppy that you are in charge.  You can do this by becoming the alpha leader.  If you do not do this then your Boston Terrier puppy may use biting as a means to try and become the alpha leader themselves.  The best way to become the alpha leader is by making sure your Boston Terrier puppy does everything after you and your family.  For example your Boston Terrier puppy should always eat after you and your family and they should always be the last to go through a doorway.
  • Consistency: It’s important to start out as you mean to go on.  For example, do not let your Boston Terrier bite playfully one day and then tell them off the next.  This will just confuse your Boston Terrier puppy and they won’t learn the difference between right and wrong.  So remember – stick to your ‘no biting’ rule!
  • Act Like A Boston Terrier: If your Boston Terrier bites, you need to react in the same way that their brothers and sisters would have if they got bitten. This is by letting out a loud “yelp” sound.  Repeat this every single time your Boston Terrier starts to bite.  By doing this your Boston Terrier should soon learn that biting is not okay.
  • Distraction: If your Boston Terrier goes to bite your hands or fingers, quickly distract them with one of their toys instead.  By doing this your Boston Terrier should soon learn what they can and can’t bite.
  • Punishment:  If your Boston Terrier does bite you say “no” in a firm yet calm voice.  But, whatever you do, do not get angry and use physical punishment towards your Boston Terrier.  This includes both hitting and yelling.  Acting like this will just frighten your Boston Terrier and they will probably continue to keep biting.

Stopping your Boston Terrier Biting at the Adult Stage

Has your adult Boston Terrier just started biting?  This is very serious as your Boston Terrier may end up really hurting somebody.  So take the below tips and stop your Boston Terrier biting at the adult stage.

  • Illness or Injury: If it is unusual for your Boston Terrier to be biting, then you need to rule out that there isn’t an underlying cause behind why it’s happening.  One of these causes could be illness or injury.  Therefore, a good idea would be to take your Boston Terrier to the vet for a full check-up just to make sure everything is in order.
  • Anxiety: Do you think your Boston Terrier may be suffering separation anxiety or another form of anxiety?  This can actually cause Boston Terrier biting.  If you think this is the case then you need to take steps to help your Boston Terrier out of this anxiety.
  • Get Help: If you are finding it difficult to stop your Boston Terrier biting then it might be time to get outside help.  This could be by joining up to a dog obedience class or even hiring a professional dog trainer to come to your home.  Not matter what you choose – you need to do it quickly before somebody gets hurt!

Remember – if your Boston Terrier is biting then you need to take this very seriously.  If you don’t then somebody may end up getting hurt.  So don’t delay – take the above tips and advice and stop your Boston Terrier biting today!

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